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written by admin on November 05, 2022

‘The Capture’ US S2 Interviews

As I previously expected, Holly has been invited to some interviews to promote the release of S2 of The Capture in Peacock! For now, 1 video interview (look how long her hair is!) and a written interview as well:

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The Capture: Holliday Grainger Details Upping the Ante for the Thriller’s Second Season (source)

In an interview with CBR, The Capture star Holliday Grainger talks about raised stakes and heightened paranoia in Season 2 of the Peacock series.

In an exclusive interview with CBR, The Capture star Holliday Grainger described upping the ante and taking Rachel Carey into darker areas in Season 2. She teased what fans can expect and praised the cast and crew, including series creator Ben Chanan, for crafting such a heightened thriller perfect for the Information Age.

CBR: The Capture Season 2 really starts with Rachel Carey in the lion’s den, now under surveillance and with no one to lean on. How was it starting off the season with this status quo in mind?

Holliday Grainger: It’s great! In a way, in Season 1, she’s quietly confident, and then she kind of builds balls. [laughs] In Season 2, she’s kind of broken a bit at the beginning; broken but steely. As it goes on, the stakes and fear get higher, but her resolve is always steadfast.
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The Capture: Extra content including never before seen photos

To finish off The Capture Season 2 category over the gallery, I have added screencaps from a special trailer released by BBC denominated What you see is not all it seems where the show switched the regular TV shows characters for The Capture ones; as well as the only interview/ recap released for this new season by the official channel. Here’s to hope Peacock will release something new considering the US will be able to binge watch the season on November 3rd. And to all fans, we share never before seen photos from this season, from episode stills, promotional pictures as well as one behind the scenes photo.

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Screencaps: The Capture Season 2 Ep 1 & Ep 2

We are slowly catching up on what we are missing from our hiatus, first things first is the first two episodes of The Capture now added in our gallery with over 500 caps per episode. For now, enjoy screencaps from the first two episodes:

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