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written by admin on February 27, 2024

Shaun Ryder’s biopic still in pipeline despite creative dispute

A few years ago a news was released that Holly had been cast as Shaun Ryder’s girlfriend on a Shaun Ryder’s biopic. Unfortunately it was never done, yet there’s still hope!

Shaun Ryder’s biopic is still in the works – but its makers need new backers.

In 2019, it was revealed that ‘Skins’ actor Jack O’Connell, 33, was to star as the Happy Mondays and Black Grape frontman, 61, in the flick ‘Twisting My Melon’, but director Matt Greenhalgh got himself into a creative disagreement with the movie’s US funders and they now require more funding to get the project off the ground.

Shaun told Classic Pop magazine: “Matt Greenhalgh wrote the script and was gonna direct. So we got the money, half-English, half-American and Matt fell out with the Americans. They didn’t want to make the film that Matt wanted to make. They wanted to make a film like all those other biopics, so it had to have a certain bit of this and a certain bit of that. So the American money went and it all went (messed) up really.”

Matt’s still working on getting it made, so that’s where he is now. He’s actually just done the Amy Winehouse film (‘Back to Black’, which he’s scripted, but is directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson) and I think he’s done about three or four movies since we started getting this one made. So at the moment, he’s just looking for another lot of backers.”

Filming was due to commence in Shaun’s native Manchester in 2020. The film will be based on his autobiography of the same name, which charts his life, his music, and his part in the Madchester scene.

Other names swirling around the film include Jason Isaacs, who would play his guitar-playing father, Derek, nicknamed ‘Horseman’. Maxine Peake is in talks to play Linda, Shaun’s mother and Holliday Grainger is in discussions to play Shaun’s girlfriend.

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written by admin on February 03, 2024

JK Rowling’s BBC Detective Series ‘Strike’ To Begin Season 6 Shoot This Month; HBO Back On Board

EXCLUSIVE: Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacott are back in business as cameras are set to roll on Season 6 of JK Rowling‘s Strike later this month.

Deadline hears that the BBC and HBO detective drama will begin principal photography on February 12, with Tom Burke reprising his role as a war veteran turned private detective. Holliday Grainger is also back as Strike’s business partner.

The BBC is yet to confirm the Season 6 renewal, but is expected to make an announcement later this month. Brontë Film and TV, the company established to adapt Rowling’s books, is producing. HBO is back on board after co-producing Season 5, with Cinemax involved in previous seasons.

Season 6 will adapt The Ink Black Heart, which has echoes of Rowling’s own experience of being caught up in the culture wars. It centers on the murder of a successful YouTube animator after she becomes the target of relentless online hate.

On Wednesday, Rowling posted a picture of the Strike: The Ink Black Heart episode one script on Twitter, now known as X. It was penned by Tom Edge, who has written on the past four seasons of Strike. “It’s been a fun day,” Rowling said.

Seven Strike novels have been published under Galbraith’s name, with the most recent book titled The Running Grave. Rowling said on X that she was “getting on very well” with the eighth novel.

written by admin on August 25, 2023

Casting News: Holliday Grainger joins Disney+ thriller Playdate

Holliday Grainger has joined the cast of the upcoming British Disney+ Original series, “Playdate”, which will be a five-part thriller produced by Quay Street Productions and Brightstar based on the original book of the same title by Alex Dahl. “Playdate”

A seemingly ordinary decision turns the world of Elisa, mum to two young kids, upside down. When Elisa’s nine-year-old daughter asks to go on an overnight playdate with her new best friend, Elisa agrees. But when she says goodnight to her daughter, she has no idea that she is about to be thrust into every parent’s worst nightmare, and when Elisa goes to pick her up, she discovers that the beautiful house was a holiday rental, while her daughter has disappeared. What follows is a manhunt across Europe, while Elisa and husband Fred find themselves the object of police scrutiny.

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Impact Winter Season 2

Holly returns as Darcy, in our favorite audio series, Impact Winter Season 2. This time, new characters have been added including Ellie Bamber, David Gyasi and Gina Stiebitz and many more! Get your copy on Audible. You can also listen both seasons on Spotify.

And according to this a 3rd season has been confirmed!

The hit Audible Original series from executive producers of The Walking Dead and the writer of Pacific Rim returns for its highly anticipated second season.

Six months have passed since the Vampire Queen fell silent, and the world balances on a knife’s edge. Rejoin the courageous Dunraven sisters, Darcy and Hope, as they navigate the vampire apocalypse in a sunless, endless winter that grows deadlier with each passing day. Brace yourself for a frigid realm of sacred daggers, mighty swords, secret seaside caves, unthinkable human blood farms, and a superpowered vampire villain on the hunt. Will Darcy emerge from hiding to save her sister? Will Hope venture from the castle refuge and find Darcy first? When all paths converge, everyone in Hope and Darcy’s orbit is in mortal danger, including the sisters themselves.

Dare to listen in the dark again as this thrilling saga expands to new lands, new loves, new weapons, and new warriors. Presented in Dolby Atmos spatial audio, the second season of Impact Winter is designed to haunt you like never before. Hear your heart stop.

Please note: This content is for mature audiences only. It contains adult language and themes. Discretion is advised.

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Impact Winter S2 Performer Grid
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BBC’s The Capture writer addresses series 3 possibility

Fans of The Capture may get to see DI Rachel Carey again following that shocking series 2’s cliffhanger.

The BBC One tech thriller premiered in 2019, with a second chapter debuting in 2022. There have been talks of Holliday Grainger’s detective returning since, with series writer and director Ben Chanan teasing there may be more ahead.

“I can’t confirm or deny at this point, I’m so sorry,” he recently told RadioTimes.com.

While he remained tightlipped about a possible continuation, Chanan sure thinks there’s enough material for more disturbing instalments.

The series follows Carey as she races against time to expose the truth behind deepfake footage manipulations that could land innocent people behind bars.

Season 1 focused on British army Lance Corporal Shaun Emery (Callum Turner), accused of kidnapping and murdering his barrister Hannah Roberts (Laura Haddock). The second chapter zeroed in a different story, with politician Isaac Turner (I May Destroy You’s Paapa Essiedu) being involved in a conspiracy and ending on Carey exposing the process of Correction.

“I think that the world of deep fakes and fake news and AI, it keeps developing,” Chanan said, warning it’s not a thing of the future anymore.

“We went quite far with The Capture in terms of what the hell could happen next, in terms of the sort of fear of what could happen,” he continued.

“I think we went quite far across the two series, and I almost feel sometimes like I need to take a minute and wait for the news to catch up or for predictions, nightmare predictions of what’s next.

“It’s not so much a futuristic thing, it’s kind of a what’s happening now thing, and so part of me feels like I need to take a break and unfortunately wait to see where the news takes us and where the world takes us and then respond.”