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written by admin on March 05, 2018

The Strike – ‘Career of Evil’ Episode 1 & 2 Screencaps + Videos

Hi everyone! Have you watched both episodes of ‘Career of Evil’? No? You can catch both episodes from now through BBC ONE. In the meantime, you can see screencaps and video scenes  from the episode 1 and episode 2.

0193.jpg 0349.jpg 0362.jpg 0472.jpg

0039.jpg 0171.jpg 0345.jpg 0480.jpg




written by admin on February 16, 2018

HMV previews ‘Career of Evil’

A brand new interview of Holly on The Strike – Career of Evil has been released by HMV. You can view the video on the youtube link or directly from our Video Archive. According to HMV, and as we previously knew, the new episode will be released on 25/02/2018 in BBC, but you can pre-order the previous release, The Silkworm on HMV on 19/02/2018.

003.jpg 011.jpg 018.jpg 027.jpg



written by admin on February 03, 2018

Cinemax, C.B. Strike, Official tease trailer

The first Cinemax teaser trailer for C.B Strike (Strike) is finally out. It will be premier in June in the USA airing the three seasons altogether; The Cuckoo’s Calling, The Silkworm, and Career of Evil. Follow the first screencaps on the gallery, we will soon have production stills and promotional pictures uploaded:

002.jpg 004.jpg 006.jpg 009.jpg