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written by admin on October 08, 2018

14th Zurich Film Festival: ‘Tell It To The Bees’ European Premiere

Hi everyone! Luckily for us, Holly has been promoting «Tell It To The Bees» in another festival! She was present at Zurich Film Festival, 14th edition. She was alongside her movie costar Anna Paquin, Annabel Jankel and Claire M Singer, the movie director and producer.

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Holly also made a small interview while on the red carpet:

Holliday, is this your first time in Switzerland?
In my childhood, I used to ski somewhere in Switzerland. Unfortunately, I have no idea where that was. Maybe on the border with Italy? But in Zurich I am definitely for the first time.

Did you already see something of the city?
Last night I walked along the lake and was in the restaurant Fischstube for dinner. It’s great here! I hope to sneak away for a while and have lunch with my Mum.

Your mother is here?
Yes, she accompanied me. It’s good to be able to mix work and pleasure.

Anyone looking for Instagram is looking in vain. You do not have an account.
Oh yes, Instagram would only stress me. Already with the regular answering of the emails and Messages, which I get so, I am really bad. I also do not feel the need to share everything – even to my closest friends, I do not have to constantly send any photos of my life.

Are you not advised that an Instagram account would be good for your career?
Not anymore – I have not had one for too long. But it annoys me that there are fake profiles of me. Every time friends of mine have discovered one again, I’m thinking for a second whether I should just get an official account.

In her new movie “Tell It To The Bees”, which is about a lesbian love relationship, a woman has directed. Was that important to you?
Part of me wants to say: yes, totally! For me it is always special to work with directors, because unfortunately it happens so rarely. But in the end, it’s about having a sensitive view of history. And there are certainly men who would have done well.

Can you better understand the concerns of the LGBTQ community since the filming?
I do not think so, no. The film is set in the 1950s – homosexual relationships were not accepted at all. At the same time, he simply tells of an intimate love story between two people – regardless of whether they are men or women. I find that many films in the past have neglected this aspect quite a bit.

Could you fall in love with a woman yourself?
Theoretically? Clear! At the moment, though, I’m very happy with a man in love – and so generally I can not imagine myself ever looking at anyone else again.


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