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written by admin on August 14, 2020

Metro.co.uk: Holliday Grainger on whether she thinks Cormoran and Robin should get together in new series of Strike

For now, Holly has given two small interviews on the return of The Strike on BBC ONE. And seems like she is a bit conflicted if she’s pro or against a Cormoran & Robin (loveydovey) relationship! What’s your opinion? Let us know via Twitter here.

Holliday Grainger isn’t as on board with the idea of Strike and Robin getting together as fans of the hit BBC One series are. Robin Ellacott, played by Holliday, and her boss Cormoran Strike (Tom Burke) have had a simmering tension between them for the last three seasons of the Strike crime drama, based on JK Rowling’s novels penned under her pseudonym Robert Galbraith. In the new story Strike: Lethal White – which will air later this month – those feelings haven’t gone away despite Robin’s marriage to Matthew (Kerr Logan). While this may be good news for Robin/Strike shippers who love a bit of angst, the actress thinks it would be better if they didn’t act on their feelings.

Asked whether she gets comments from viewers about the two leads getting together, Holliday said: ‘Whenever I’m reading the book, I’m like, “Are they gonna get together – even though I don’t want them to?”. ‘As much as you’re desperate for it you’re like, where would it go after that?’

Having said that, the star totally understands where Robin’s attraction to Strike might stem from. ‘I think she sees integrity and kindness and honesty and professionalism, and she sees someone that sees her, which I think she hasn’t seen in that many people. She was full of praise for co-star Tom too, for fully committing to the character.

‘I find him inhabiting Strike so well that I forget that Tom has two legs, honestly. I mean the amount of times in between scenes I’d put my hand out to help him up or something. ‘I just get completely brainwashed.’ The new series, filmed in September 2019, sees Strike look into reports of a strangled child. Meanwhile the pair are also tasked with investigating the blackmail of a powerful Government Minister. Strike follows the war veteran turned private detective as he runs a successful agency in London with his assistant Robin. It began in 2017 with The Cuckoo’s Calling and The Silkworm, the latter series saw him help a woman locate her missing husband. It was last on our screens in 2018 with the two-parter Career of Evil, which saw Strike confront his past after a severed leg was delivered to his office. Strike: Lethal White starts August 30 on BBC One.


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