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written by admin on July 25, 2020

Comic-Con Home 2020: The Capture

As announced via our Twitter, Holliday and the cast/ crew of The Capture participated on Comic Con at Home 2020 and had a very nice chat for a little more than 30 minutes via Youtube!

We have transcript the full Holly’s part interview for her fans to read but you can also see it on the official Youtube channel. This interview was promoted by the streaming channel Peacock which brings The Capture exclusively to the US.

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Philiana Ng: Holliday Grainger who plays Detective Rachel Carey
Holliday Grainger: ‘Hi, guys!’
HG: Tries to speak: ‘I’ve seen a lot of…’
HG: ‘Yeah, I like the one in Gelson’s actually. Yeah but just seen a lot of Callum over the computer’
Trailer displays
HG: ‘It’s so good to see it again, it’s been so long it’s made me feel really excited.’

PN: ‘Holliday, you play Rachel, who is this ambitious kind of eager very skilled detective? Who’s kind of thrown into the mix in this high profile Shawn Emery case. What stood out to you about Rachel that kind of immediately drew you in.’
HG: ‘I kind of love that when I first started reading the scripts I didn’t know if I liked her or not. And that it was, sort of, because she doesn’t really care. Its like shes there to do a job and then she’s ambitious and she wants to do well and prove herself. And she’s kind of shes not necessarily a people pleaser. And I just love Ben’s way that weaves such a moral conundrum for Carey throughout the whole series that she’s, when we first met her, she has such faith in the authorities and the institution of the police. But she also has an incredibly strong moral compass and a need to fight for the bottom of the truth. And when those two aspects of her, of her faiths, collide, it’s complete moral maze that she goes through.’
PN: ‘For the cast were you familiar with this world before? What kind of prep work did you do to become familiar with this world if you weren’t before and to play your characters.’ HG: ‘Yeah, I felt like I was familiar with the detective world just for watching detective shows. I love The Killing. I love The Bridge. I’ve always been a fan of them but I didn’t really
knew much about the actual police force. But Ben’s script was so well researched that reading them I felt like I could see the differences between my expectation and what was on the page. Well I managed to get and work my way with the mat and do a week’s work of shattering in the homicide department and also shattered a couple of other women that were at Carey’s level that had a similar background to her and that had transferred freshly to homicide. And that was just to see what actually happens and to pick people’s brains as well to just you try to find holes in Ben’s script and there weren’t any (laughs). To say does this happen? Would this happen? And just the terminology used and everything was amazing. And also Ben set up a few meetings with his counter-terror advisor which was eye opening and mind blowing as to what is probably happening, what’s possibly happening and whats definitely is happening. That was interesting.’
Callum Turner: ‘You ended up in a actually mother investigation huh?’
HG: ‘Yeah I did. I was surprised with how many investigations a homicide detective has to cover at the same time. And one of them was a cold case that was in my area. And I ended up on a crime scene that I knew before, so I ended up on a walk around the crime scene in my local area, and I knew the park better than them. And I was just like ‘oh no, this is the quickest entrance, this is the narrow entrance to the pond, and these are the woods’ and felt like I was determined that I was gonna solve that. They were still looking for the body a few years later. And I still think when I walk through that path and I might come across it.’
HG to CT: ‘Your surveillance training sounded intense as well.’
CT: ‘Yeah my surveillance training was.’
HG: ‘I think I’m a bit jealous of you for that. Try and dodge.’
CT: ‘You should do it for the next.’
HG: ‘Yeah maybe I should.’
PN: ‘Because this is Comic-Con and many of you have ties to big franchises like X-Men and Hellboy and Fantastic Beast, I have to ask what do you guys geek out over personally? What is your kind of big geek obsession? I’ll start with Holliday.’
HG: ‘I get geek over… I think you already said it in the beginning, so it was like detective shows, The Killing, The Bridge, Luther, Prime Suspect, yeah.’

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