Welcome to Holliday Grainger Fan, your best source for everything on Holliday Grainger. You may know her best for her role as Lucrezia Borgia on the Showtime show 'The Borgias', even though you may have seen her in corsets a lot her most recent projects have left that out! This site aims to update you with all the latest news on Holly's career. Enjoy your stay and hopefully came back! For any question or doubt e-mail us here
written by admin on April 06, 2023

Temporary Hiatus

Dear fans, I’m currently taking a Hiatus due to some changes in my personal life. Hope to came back one day, but for now, my attention will be re-directed elsewhere until further notice.

Everything will still be accessible to fans, Gallery, Holly’s closet, our video archive and our Twitter page.

written by admin on August 23, 2022

Small Hiatus

To all Holliday Grainger fans we announce that we will be on a small hiatus and will return mid September. Follow our Twitter page and Instagram page for news related to Holly which will be transfered to the fansite as soon as we are back.

written by admin on March 27, 2022

Anniversary: Holliday Grainger celebrates 34 years + Holliday Grainger Fan celebrates 10 years

2022 is an extra special date for us! Not only Holliday Grainger celebrates 34 years today, but, this year we celebrate 10 years of existence in May!! We couldn’t be happier to be part of this fandom, all fans are very supportive of Holliday’s career and her privacy as well.

Today, we share both main page and gallery new themes with coding by TenThousandBeats and all graphics by iWlandDesigns. The Holly’s Closet section has a new theme by Margos, and new additions to, almost, all categories, so be free to explore! Also, see our Twitter for a new theme by iWlandDesigns.


written by admin on December 26, 2021

Christmas & End of the Year: A 2021 Celebration

Hi everyone. As to celebrate Christmas and the end of 2021, we hereby share some exclusive goodies from Photoshoots 2010 and 2014 with 5 outtakes each!! Both are Nylon shoots and we couldn’t be happier with them! How cute does Holliday look 🙂 2022 is a great year for us, we celebrate 10 YEARS online (previously with another domain) and hope to keep bringing more exclusives and, specially, news on Holly’s career.

003.JPG 006.JPG004.JPG 007.JPG 

02.jpg 02_28129.jpg 02_28229.jpg 02_28529.jpg

Please do not forget to share, don’t remove the tags and remember to credit Holliday Grainger Fan for the pictures 🙂 If we get a nice amount of views and maybe some donations which you can make here, will release more in the future 🙂

written by admin on October 31, 2021

Happy Halloween from Holliday Grainger Fan

Hi everyone! We have a small treat for this Halloween so this is our first (and only) Halloween post to celebrate Holliday’s evil laugh as featured on Audible Henrietta & Eleanor: A Retelling of Jekyll and Hyde (available to purchase here).

Listen to it via our youtube page here.