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(2006) New Street Law

Holliday as Katie Lewis

 Created By: Matthew Hall, G.F. Newman
 Original Network: BBC One
 Number of Episodes: 1 (that Holliday starred in)
 Production Year(s): 2005
 Original Release: 4 May 2006
 Running Time: 1 hour
 Other Cast: William Armstrong, Jayne Ashbourne, Ace Bhatti
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Jack Roper, with Joe Stevens as his junior, defends 15 year old Katie Lewis who is charged with arson. She is accused of purposely setting her father’s house on fire after he had her boyfriend charged when he caught them in bed together. Laurence Scammel and his daughter Laura are acting for the prosecution. Katie is not very cooperative and refuses to provide instructions to her solicitor or the barristers. Jack believes she is protecting someone. Charlie Darling and Annie Quick defend Harry Jennings and Tina Bennett who are accused of defrauding prospective investors of £40,000. The purchasers thought they were buying a flat, not shares in a property company. Charlie’s tactics in the case don’t sit well with Annie, however.