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written by admin on February 18, 2016

Asos: Holliday Grainger talks romance, romcoms and Chris Pine

The Finest Hours is Disney’s latest live action flick (starring Chris Pine and Holliday Grainger) that retells the story of the 1952 US coast guard rescue of the tanker SS Pendleton after it split apart at sea. With plenty of drama and a pretty epic love story, it’s the perfect watch if ever you find yourself in the mood for a bit of a weepy. We caught up with Holliday to chat all things romance, dating and of course, Chris Pine.

How did you and Chris work on your chemistry before filming? 

We had a rehearsal at the directors Craig Gillespie’s (the director) flat before we started and I really felt like it just sort of clicked into place pretty much straight away. We both fell in love with the relationship between the two characters. It was such a sweet story – they met of the phone, she liked the sound of his voice and the rest was history! I think that the instinct and integrity really shines through and I think that’s what Chris and I really wanted to show.

What was your biggest challenge on set?

I think for me as a person and as an actor, whenever I get emotional, I cry. If I’m sad, if I’m angry, if I’m nervous or even happy, I just cry, and Craig and I really wanted Miriam not to. We didn’t want it to be slushy or have the feeling of a pining girlfriend left at home, we wanted that kind of strength so Craig had to crack the whip on set. It’s had trying to get that level of emotion without letting a tear drop.

Are you a fan of old-school romance? 

Oh yeah! Doesn’t everyone love a fairy tale?!

What would be your ideal first date? 

Bottle of wine and somewhere quiet to chat. Is that really boring?! Preferably in some nice surroundings too, maybe a field in the sun or a pub in front of a fire?

What’s the most romantic thing anyone has even done for you? 

I guess it’s the small things that I think are the most romantic. So coming back from a long flight to have a bath run for me with scented candles, rose petals and dinner cooked. That’s the dream, no?

What’s your go-to romcom? 

I absolutely love romcoms! I love Notting Hill, Love Actually, anything Richard Curtis – and I’m just about to work with Roger Michell who directed Notting Hill, which is so exciting. But I also love the kind of more slapstick stuff like There’s Something About Mary.

What would be your worst idea for a romantic gift? 

Right now, milk chocolate because I’ve just turned vegan so I’m not allowed to have it. I turned after I watched Cowspiracy… I’m not even joking. Me and the rest of my mates are turning one by one! I wasn’t even a veggie before so it’s pretty full on.

Chris Pine’s character is very shy and endearing – do you prefer the quiet type? 

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter as long as there is integrity there and they’re not putting on any sort of facade.



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