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Finally, after hearing about Animals back in 2016, we finally get a first look at it and some more information as well (that you can read following the link below).


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Holliday Grainger (My Cousin Rachel) and Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development) have started filming on Sophie Hyde’s comedy Animals.

Cornerstone Films is handling worldwide sales on the project, which is shooting in Dublin until April 13.

Grainger and Shawkat will star as Laura and Tyler respectively, best friends and drinking buddies whose hedonistic existence falls under the creeping horror of adulthood when Laura gets engaged to Jim – an ambitious pianist who surprisingly decides to go teetotal.

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Hi everyone! Showtime has released the official date for the first episode of ‘Patrick Melrose’ to air: May, 12 at 9PM ET/PT is the date!

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Hello! Updating the gallery by bringing all of you some screencaps of the movie Awaydays that came out on 2009. Enjoy!


028.jpg 199.jpg 222.jpg 279.jpg


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Hi everyone! Have you watched both episodes of ‘Career of Evil’? No? You can catch both episodes from now through BBC ONE. In the meantime, you can see screencaps and video scenes  from the episode 1 and episode 2.

0193.jpg 0349.jpg 0362.jpg 0472.jpg

tv productions > the strike (2017-2019) > career of evil (2018) > 3×01: career of evil part 1

0039.jpg 0171.jpg 0345.jpg 0480.jpg

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Hello! The Career of Evil episodes stills has been updated with more images related to the upcoming episode in this series. Thanks to FarFarAway for these.


Along with two extra behind the scenes pics.


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tv productions > the strike (2017-2019) > career of evil (2018) > behind the scenes

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We finally managed to update our Video Archive a little bit more not only with ‘Electric Dreams’ but Renee has uploaded ‘Cinderella‘ scenes! Follow our links and gallery for more:

Holliday Grainger Fan > Video Archive > Cinderella


Holliday Grainger Fan > Video Archive > Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

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