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With roles in Cinderella, My Cousin Rachel and Bonnie & Clyde, Holliday Grainger, 29, adds another “period-piece” role in Tulip Fever, in theaters September 1. She plays Maria, the maid to a woman (Alicia Vikander) who begins a passionate affair with a poor artist (Dane DeHaan) during the tulip mania of 17th-century Amsterdam, when prices of tulip bulbs reached extraordinarily high levels and then collapsed.

What impressed you about the story?

There were so many different levels of society, from the rich guy all the way down to the fishmonger and the struggling artist. In that respect, Amsterdam felt like a contemporary, cosmopolitan city.

What about Maria did you relate to?

She is unswaying in her morals. I think Maria is one of the only characters with solidity and earthiness that feels a bit of a grounding in the midst of this mad story.

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It’s rare that TV Magazine has witnessed the actors in a telly drama visibly excited as they recall their first meeting with the show’s writer.

But then, not every actor gets the chance to work on three adaptations of JK Rowling’s novels.

“I met her in the toilet,” laughs Holliday Grainger, 29.

“The person who flushed the chain at me was JK Rowling!”

Tom plays private eye Cormoran Strike while Holliday is his assistant, Robin Ellacott, in the dramatisation of Rowling’s three Strike novels, which were written under her pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

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J.K Rowling’s crime series Strike based around gruff detective Cormoran Strike makes its debut on BBC One this month.

Holliday Grainger, who plays his tough assistant Robin Ellacott, tells Francesca Gosling about the pleasure and pressure of taking on a Rowling character and finally ridding herself of a corset.


As soon as I got to the final audition stage I started to read the novels and, because JK Rowling writes so fantastically vividly, we were all completely entranced by the world of Harry Potter, you already get a strong impression of who her characters are and the tone of the world they embody. I felt like I had such a clear impression of who Robin was and she felt like somebody I knew – like a mate. A lot of people recognize bits of themselves in her and I certainly did.

I felt like I had such a clear impression of who Robin was and she felt like somebody I knew – like a mate. A lot of people recognize bits of themselves in her and I certainly did.

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Don’t forget !! ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling‘ premieres tomorrow on BBC One! For now, we have a brand new video which includes new scenes (not screencaptured, as they will soon be added to the gallery once the episode is available), and a behind the scenes sneak peek!

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Did you buy Stella magazine yesterday ? Holly was in the cover with a brand new photoshoot and interview!

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Can you tell us what The Cuckoo’s Calling is all about?
It starts with the death of a supermodel, Lula Landry, whose brother approaches Cormoran Strike because he doesn’t quite believe she committed suicide. The Cuckoo’s Calling is about Cormoran Strike’s investigation.

Where does your character Robin fit into that?
Robin joins Cormoran Strike at the very beginning of The Cuckoo’s Calling as a temporary secretary. But she’s very practical and quite savvy and intelligent. We find out later that detective work is something she’s always been interested in, and she proves her worth as more than just a temporary secretary during the course of the series.

Did you read the books before you started work on the show?
Yes I did – I think it’s important to and J.K. Rowling writes so fantastically. I had a very clear idea of who Cormoran Strike was and also who Robin was, every woman I’ve spoken to who has read the books loves Robin and can see themselves in her. Once you’ve read them, that is your research and your preparation done. After reading the series, I feel like I would know exactly what Robin would do in a situation, or my interpretation of her anyway.

What do you think Robin’s characteristics are that so many can relate to?
Robin is practical and passionate and very grounded. But she’s also compassionate, empathetic and loyal. She feels like a very centered and grounded, strong woman, even though she doesn’t have a lot of life experience. She’s grown up in a small town and left university early. In a sense, because of what she’s been through during university, she feels emotionally wiser than her years and I think that feeds into why she’s good at her job; she’s interested in psychology and she has a natural aptitude for that because she’s naturally very compassionate.

Did you think that Charlotte was a foil for Robin, that you put them against each other and they’re poles apart?
There’s clearly something that attracts Cormoran to Robin immediately, which we know from the hints of that through the book and certainly in the show. We don’t know very much about Charlotte, apart from the tiny bits we glean through Strike’s thoughts in the book and flashbacks in the series. It feels like Robin is the antithesis of her in some respects in that Robin is very honest, very loyal. Charlotte isn’t. There’s something quite dark and complex and untrustworthy about Charlotte that you don’t quite understand her. I think that Robin is a lot more of an open book.

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