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  admin   —     October 13, 2019

2020 will be a blast! The Capture was renewed for a brand new season, and there’s already hints on the fate of the characters! See below:

THE CAPTURE came to a nail-biting close earlier in the week as the fate of Shaun Emery was finally revealed and now series writer Ben Chanan has hinted at a huge shake up if a second series was commissioned.

Shaun Emery’s (played by Callum Turner) story came to a dramatic conclusion in the series finale of The Capture earlier this week. After being blackmailed by both American and British intelligence operatives, Shaun took the blame for Hannah Roberts’ (Laura Haddock) death.

Now, show writer Ben Chanan has hinted this could be the end for Shaun even if the series is commissioned for a second series.

The Capture writer has admitted he believes the solider wouldn’t return in future episodes.

When asked about a second season, Ben teased: “I mean, never say never.

“I don’t know yet,” he added, before saying ahead of transmission: “We’ll see how we feel at the end of it.”

So, if there is another plot line transpiring from the concluding chapter or an interest from viewers for another season, will Ben delve into the world of miscommunication once more?

Historically, drama’s both in the realm of television and film don’t tend to get sequels or follow-ups unless there is an idea better than the original to be explored.




  admin   —     October 13, 2019

As to finish off Season 1 (yep, there’s news!) we bring you screencaps from the two last episodes of this season. What are your reviews on the end?

0005.jpg 0063.jpg 0181.jpg 0207.jpg 0221.jpg 

0018.jpg 0236.jpg 0368.jpg 0509.jpg 0698.jpg

  admin   —     September 29, 2019

Two more episodes have been added to our gallery!! What are your thoughts on the show so far? We are thrilled!

0012.jpg 0160.jpg 0312.jpg 0375.jpg 0455.jpg

0005.jpg 0165.jpg 0298.jpg 0432.jpg 0501.jpg


  admin   —     September 23, 2019

Today we bring you screencaps from our current addiction The Capture episode 1 and 2. Enjoy!

0024.jpg 0103.jpg 0201.jpg 0319.jpg 0451.jpg

0033.jpg 0201.jpg 0333.jpg 0481.jpg 0559.jpg


  admin   —     September 12, 2019

We are officially back from vacation and, of course, Holly was out for a few events and we bring you all the news! For now, we are updating our gallery with ‘The Capture’ production stills and promotional pictures, and will soon bring the rest up to date.

002.jpg 003.jpg 005.jpg 007.jpg 009.jpg

005.jpg 007.jpg 009.jpg 011.jpg 013.jpg




  admin   —     August 28, 2019
Holliday Grainger plays Rachel Carey in The Capture.

Please complete the sentence: “DI Rachel Carey is…”
…a young Detective Inspector who’s just been promoted. Rachel’s on the fast track scheme for graduates within the police force.

She’s seen a lot very quickly, and we join the series with Carey having just been promoted to DI in Homicide, after a spell in Counter Terror. That’s the department which has all the money and resources thrown at it, which is apparently true in real life as well. Homicide gets not so much, so she’s a fish out of water at the beginning, trying to prove her worth to the really experienced people around her.
Rachel’s ambitious and focused – she’s definitely career-hungry.
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