Welcome to Holliday Grainger Fan, your best source for everything on Holliday Grainger. You may know her best for her role as Lucrezia Borgia on the Showtime show 'The Borgias', eventhough you may have seen her in corsets a lot her most recent projects have left that out! This site aims to update you with all the latest news on Holly's career. Enjoy your stay and hopefully came back! For any question or doubt e-mail us here
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  admin   —     March 27, 2020

32 years ago our sweet Holliday Grainger was born! Congratulations !

  admin   —     March 01, 2020

Hi everyone! The 27th of March is Holliday Grainger’s 32th birthday and we are making our first giveaway! You have three different ways to enter:

  1. Twitter, following the instructions to follow & retweet this post
  2. Instagram simply by following us and post the giveaway image on your public profile (don’t forget to tag our instagram page!)
  3. Paypal.me with any amount donation (maximum of one donation per email)!

We will give away 3 gift boxes to 3 lucky fans! Deadline will be on March 29th.


Due to COVID-90 we are going to put this giveaway on hold! Let’s hope better times arrive soon <3

  admin   —     February 15, 2020

We have added a new area to our sidebar called Support our site which intends to let you help us on… whatever you think you might help!! Be welcome to e-mail us via hollidaygraingerfan[@]gmail.com (don’t forget to remove the brakets!) or simply follow the sidebar instructions to support this source for Holliday Grainger’s career fansite.

  admin   —     October 13, 2019

Finally after a full year I’ve been able to change the gallery and main theme theme at Holliday Grainger Fan! Hope everyone enjoys!

  admin   —     March 27, 2019

We would like to wish a Happy 31st Birthday to the beautiful and amazing actress Holliday Grainger!!

  admin   —     December 03, 2018

To have a great beginning for December, we were nominated as Fansite of the Day for Fan Carpet once again!

Saturday, December 01, 2018
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