4.0 MAIN THEME: Spring look

Thank you to our good friend Margos, we bring you a new theme to our main page! Considering that Holly has been slow (so very slow) on new photoshoot we used the most recent that we just adore.

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V2 Theme for our Gallery + V1 and launch of Holliday Grainger Fan Videos

Hi everyone!! We proudly present you, not one, but two brand new themes for our fansite! One for the gallery by Ten Thousand Beats Designs, and a brand new V1 for ‘Holliday Grainger Fan Videos’ by Margos which will soon be complete for your appreciation 🙂 Please click both images for the full themes here:

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Hi everyone!!

This site definitely needed a fresh look, so my friend Margos stepped in!! Our gallery should have a new theme uploaded soon when the Cormoran Strikes photos surface 🙂 We couldn’t keep our heads of how Holly looked amazing in #TheBorgias and to celebrate the release of the 3 Seasons pack next month!

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Happy Holidays from Holliday Grainger Fan

We would like to wish all Holliday Grainger fans a Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays!

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2.0 Gallery Theme

Hey everyone!! Enjoy our new gallery theme by Margos! Click on the image to see it 🙂


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